Real Estate

Being resident outside of Australia makes a difficult process - the selection and purchase of a house or apartment - even more demanding than usual. Expatriates are clearly hampered by being outside the market in terms of assessing market trends and investigating properties exhaustively, and there is the impact of fluctuating exchange rates to consider. In practice, given the importance of the purchase, you should probably at least consider using a buyer's agent to assist in terms of shortlisting, if not negotiating the complete purchase, of any real estate.

Local media reports and various indices will provide you with a general feel for how the market is currently moving within a capital city or region, if not within precise localities or suburbs. The links below provide access to a range of property reports. They include the most recent Westpac Residential Property Reports and the Australian Bureau of Statistics Capital City Index of Housing Prices.

Australian Mortgages and Home Loans

Both Australian expatriates and overseas investors have a range of options available when it comes to seeking a mortgage or home loan for the purchase of a property in Australia. These include applying for either a Foreign Currency Loan (FCL) or an Australian (AUD) mortgage. Temporary residents in Australia also have relatively easy access to mortgage finance.

Exfin provides access to home loan finance for Australian expats, new migrants to Australia, temporary residents and offshore investors. For Australians expatriates and offshore investors who wish to purchase an investment property while overseas, access is also available to complete professional advice on the selection, management and financing of property.

You should be aware that some special issues do apply in relation to these sorts of loans, and while a number of lenders have now adopted a more flexible approach, it is recommended that you utilize a mortgage broker who is experienced in dealing with expatriate/offshore loans. Processes differ between the various lenders, and you can waste a considerable amount of time pursuing a loan with a provider who is not a good match for your circumstances.

In most situations, no cost attaches to the use of a mortgage broker, and in our case you gain access to almost all mortgages in the Australian market.

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