Performance Guarantee

Fulfilling Promises

Khalsa Education and Migration Solutions (KEAMS) is not just any Australian immigration agency that promises the sky but delivers less in immigration matters. KEAMS pledges to deliver what is promised with full integrity after consulting with their clients on their preferences and objectives of a migration.

KEAMS works closely with their clients to understand their dreams and aspirations in terms of work and business as well as education, family and retirement opportunities.

100% Quality Service Rate

KEAMS is not affiliated with the Australian Government and is an independent Australian company. Our comprehensive visa and immigration services include immigration advice from registered migration agents, a 100% quality service rating, document checking and expedited visa processing.

Unless you are an Australian passport holder or qualifying New Zealand passport holder you will need a visa to enter Australia.. KEAMS promises to operate professionally in compliance to the Australian immigration services authorities to provide the best Australian migration and visa services to every client.

Always at your side!

KEAMS promises to fulfill all its obligations to each of their clients from start to finish while being at their side at every step of the migration procedure. No client will be left in the dark or at the sideline . Clear explanations and migration options are explained for the client’s to consideration.

All necessary documentation and actions for a successful migration or visa procurement is handled professionally by the KEAMS team to ensure a quick outcome for their client.

100% Performance Guarantee

The Keams client would be kept in the loop always during the migration processing while all necessary forms and documents would be submitted to the right Australian immigration authorities quickly for a faster preferred outcome. Keams would handle all follow up actions with DIBP on the clients’ behalf to give a stress free and easy Australian migration experience.

Keams promises to be fair and upfront with their charges and fees which are competitive and affordable. There is no hidden fee with every fee accounted for every best effort invested into a successful Australian migration application.

How do I know that I can trust my migration agent?

The best way to make sure that the person you are seeking migration advice from is someone you can trust is to check that they are a migration agent listed on the web at Find a Register of Migration Agents.

Here is a list of things that illegal operators might say to you:-

"I can guarantee that you will get a visa to Australia"

This is false
  • No-one can guarantee you will get a visa. Only an authorised DIBP officers can give you a visa and only when you have met all the visa requirements.
  • Avoid internet sites and advertisements that say they can guarantee you will get a visa.

"Pay now to register for the migration program"

This is false
  • You pay your visa application charge when you lodge your visa application. A list of all charges is available at Fees and Charges. If you are asked to pay money before you lodge your visa application, do not pay it.
  • A list of fees that a registered migration agent might charge is available on the web at What does it cost to use an Agent?.

"This is a ‘once in a lifetime opportunity’ or your ‘only’ chance to travel or migrate to Australia"

This is false
  • We do not telephone or email people offering ‘deals’. We will only contact you about your visa application after you have lodged it.
  • You might have several visa options for coming to Australia.

"Only I can pay the charges, give me your money and I will pay the charges for you"

This is false
  • You can pay your own visa application charge.
  • A registered migration agent is required to provide you with a statement of services which includes an estimate of fees to be paid.
  • We will never ask you to pay into a personal bank account or transfer money through a private company.
  • If you lodge your visa application outside of Australia and use one of our Service Delivery Partners, they could add an extra charge when you lodge your visa application. Go to the How to Pay website to make sure you are dealing with one of our Service Delivery Partners and to check how much you will need to pay them.
  • Get a receipt for any money that you pay and check the receipt to see that is says what the money was paid for.

"I have a special relationship with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection"

This is false
  • No one has a special relationship with DIBP. We treat all visa applications in a fair and impartial way.
  • If someone tells you they are a ‘skilled migration service provider’ or they are ‘Australian Government registered’ or ‘department registered’ do not deal with this person.
  • Look for the words ‘Migration Agent Registration Number’ or ‘MARN’ on your agent’s website, or in their advertising, to be sure you are dealing with a registered migration agent.

I need to keep your original documents such as passport, birth certificate to give to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection

  • DIBP will sometimes want to see your original documents. If DIBP wants to see you original documents, one of DIBP's visa officers will ask from your migration agent for them.
  • Usually DIBP wants only certified copies of your original documents. Registered migration agents can certify the copies of your original documents that you are sending to DIBP.
  • If you lodge an online student visa application, your registered migration agent might ask to see your original documents. If they ask for your original documents, ask them to make a copy and give them back to you immediately.
  • Prevent identify fraud - never leave your original documents with other people.